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    latest  Social Bookmarking Sites  list (With PA, DA and MOZ Rank):
    Creating several backlinks on high Domain Authority DoFollow Social Bookmarking sites is one of the
    fastest ways to promote your digital marketing properties including the blog, website over the cyber
    space. As we know that most of these social sites are web 2.0 to boost the search engine ranking
    with the faster rate.
    What is Social Bookmarking?
    Social bookmarking is an act or technique by which blogger submit content to several social sites
    such as blogs, forums, image, or videos, microblogging sites, social networking sites, etc. Here, at
    these social bookmarking websites, a blogger can submit any kinds of contents form including text,
    image, Audio¸Video to create more backlinks from high-rated Domain Authority Dofollow Social
    Bookmarking Sites. Apart from this, you can increase number of clienet by just interfacing
    with other people. In such a manner, social marking websites will popularize your blogs or contents.
    Here are benefits of sharing content on high domain Authority social bookmarking Sites:
  • Creating a greater number of backlinks.
  • Increasing search engine ranking
  • Increasing page rank and domain authority of your content such as the blog.
  • Promoting your blog or post.
  • Increasing traffic to your blog.
  • Increasing the popularity of your blog

Increasing more number of clientele by interacting with other users.

What is DA and Dofollow?
Domain Authority is a kind of statistical measure rated by SEOmoz. Statistical number of DA is from
0 to 100.
DoFollow: DoFollow links are the backlinks passed by “Link Juice” used to boost the DA ranking of
the linking site or blog.
Nofollow: Nofollow links are the backlinks & don’t pass through link juice. In such a way, Nofollow
helps in improvising the DA. In the SEO world, NoFollow links are not useful at all.

Guidelines for SEO Social Bookmarking:
As we aware of the fact that high domain authority bookmarking sites are web 2.0 which are quite
user-friendly as compared to any other ones. Submitting your contents such as blog or post in these
sites is quite people-friendly.
Here are a number of guides:
 Make a pre-enquire list of high domain authority social bookmarking sites.
 Register at these sites via email addresses.
 Creation of multiple profiles on the same sites will be treated as spam. So, avoid the
classified posting at an extreme level.
 Glamorize your profile with an image, short description, blog address
 Include your keywords in the description
 Use SEMrush for free. By which users can find the currently used keywords for your content.
 Creating a profile with the high-quality image is appreciable.
 Submit your links, content, and description in a well-organized manner.
Key Note: Backlink creation can be automated via some robotic software. In order to reduce the
time-consumption, users can approach the robotic solution.
Creating bookmarks is playing an integral role in boosting the traffic of sites. Users can create
limitless backlinks, hence don’t bound themselves to any numeral. Use SEMrush to create the best
possible keywords or anchor text for your content.
Some guidelines:
 Submit your backlinks to search engine submission sites.
 Then, ping new social backlinks to Free Ping submission site List for indexation.
 Submit your blog or site to high domain authority directory submission sites to get
qualitative backlinks.
 Design a article and then submit it to Article submission site.
 Convert your content into readable form such as video, ppt. After that, add these viedeos to
Videos Submission Sites.


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