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It is the fact that 40 % of the Internet readers would have so many natural instincts to ask the questions at any time. All we need to do is to provide the answer platform. There are several websites on which you can put up the questions, a few of them are:


Quora is one of the most accessed question & answer websites with stupendous features. One of the most common facilities is disabling the comments. Users can make sure that no one is allowed to comment on the post if you don’t want them too. There is a feature named as “Report” will let users report on comments which your intuition says to be reported as per Quora Moderation Policy. Apart from this, you can use the “downvote” option if your notions are unmatchable with other people. Here is another feature named as “Share” answer feature which will let users share answers on Twitter or Facebook.

Yahoo Answer:

Yahoo Answer is well-equipped with a number of astounded features. Being an internet user, you can stand out from the answers which you really feel wrong. There is Ajax Widget lets you search the previously asked questions. In such a way, you can save the quality time. Once you answer the question you asked, and then similar questions will come up. Plus, there is a badge for web bloggers or publishers to show the clear explanation. Also, you can get the precise answers to asked queries on such question website. I want to exemplify it—if you want to highlight the qualification of professionals of a particular niche then it would be the best tool.


It is one of the best question & answer websites having astounded features. Users can use such features to ask the frequently struck questions in your mind. Before proceeding to the next step, you need to choose the shootout feature. The shootout feature positions next to features in which you can post a photo poll or ask a question. You can such features either on the website or on an app. To do so, you need to ask a question targeting the audience in the same area zone including the non-follower users. Once users have received, replied to it, then you need to notify it sooner. You need to obtain a number of instant questions from the same region.


It is one of the greatest platforms & is used by companies, brands to make the reliable decision-making in the shortest time. To do so, you need to click “green Ask bar” locates at the upper part of the WikiAnswers page. To do so, you need to enter a question & need to click on “Go”

  • Here, the very first step is optional
  • If your question is almost same as the existing one, you will get so many options. If one of the questions matches with the existing one, or if you wish to see the question page, then you need to click on “question”
  • You need to review on question spellings, capitalization, pluralization, wordings.
  • If you are still signed in then questions automatically get added to your watch-list. Plus, you will be notified whether an answer is edited or received. Apart from this, you can uncheck the box if you don’t wish to edit it.
  • You need to submit your question.
  • You need to categorize your question.
  • Click on the “Save” button.
  • You will automatically visit the page to seeing your questions on the spot.


It is one of the most accessed websites which lets users leave responses, comments. Being a user-friendly website, it has an informative, useful, & attractive layout. Ads have been there so that interested people can read it in a well-organized manner. It lets users publish & view tutorial’s comments in a well-sharable manner.


If you want to ask instant questions & reply here, then you need to follow the content rules, policies across the digital marketing world. According to this policy, no one can post the illegal information in the form of content.  I want to exemplify it by copyright infringement, spam, or adult pornography.  In this website, you need to submit not only the links but also some content. This is the reason why you cannot log in to posting such links.


It is one of the best platforms with a dream to change the way questions are answered over the cyberspace. Bloggers don’t need to pay a single penny to use such website. It is regarded as the fact-filled platform such as Wikipedia. In the long list of flexible, informative websites, blurtit.com always comes on the top.


It is a one-stop online network with astounded features where you can share content based on any niche. Here, you will find the communicative space where members can tell anything freely. Thus, you need to ask questions & then share their real-time views.


WebMD facilitates knowledge based on an extensive range of topics. As per community, it provides useful references based on health niche. If you ever eagerly want to know about some health or wellbeing facts then answer.webmd.com always comes on the top of the stakes. Why I am saying so is because of originality. Here are so many health specialists who will let its readers uplift their lives in the better way. Here you will posts such as graphics, medical imaginary, health-associated news, animation, & live web as well.


It is one of the most used platforms which enable users to connect with others whom so ever you are interested in. You need to follow the terms, conditions for such website. Once you will be granted to own a copy of content shareable services for example non-commercial, or personal usage. In such a way, you have granted but not licensed for its services. You cannot use any copy content to post on the commercial websites. Plus, you are not authorized to remove the proprietary notations, copyright marks, logos from any content or information shareable medium.