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Why need videos submission?

Hello folks,

All Blogger and website owner want a traffic of their site. However SEO is important role play to increase traffic &  keyword ranking so that every digital marketer create video and publish video sharing website.Video sharing site provide high traffic brand exposure & increase your website Domain authority.

Do you want to build your brand awareness?

Video Submission is a best medium to build brand awareness & get quality traffic.Video sharing site helps to drive lots of traffic to a website.Video sharing medium  helps to increase brand exposure in website.

What is SEO Benefits of Video Submission?

Video submission is best SEO way which can improve your website traffic rankings.However, it is play important role you submit your videos to sites which have High PA, Domain authority.

  • build high authority backlinks
  • Part Off-page SEO tactics.
  • increase Brand exposure
  • Increase valuable inbound links.
  • Improves your position in the field of video marketing.
  • Generate leads for your site.


These guidelines which you should follow while submitting your videos on High DA Free Video Submission Sites. These guidelines would help you rank your videos on search engine.

  • Including your keywords in the title and description of your videos
  • Make sure the keywords appear natural to crawlers and bots
  • Use a catchy title to improve the click rate
  • Write Compelling description to improve the click rate
  • categorize your videos correctly

Let’s start with the award-winning Video Submission Sites

In today’s dynamic world, the Video Submission is the best way to share or see life moments in motion. If your brand, website, or blog still have not received worldwide recognition till date then you are at the right place. Video-based content has become a big need in the digital marketing world. Nowadays content has succeeded in creating the high DA, PA, web index permeability, or ranking within a while. In such a way, users can gain the popularity with the help of astounded features, functionalities, or attributes.

Free High PR Video Submission Sites List 2018:


YouTube is considered as the most accessed video submission platform with more than millions of users on the daily basis. Internet users can entertain the video services with the help of a few clicks. It lets users watch never like before videos.

By making use of the YouTube, users can navigate the countless playlist with customizable features at any time & from anywhere. All you need to do is to type a favorite musician or band & then finally press the like button. In such a way, YouTube automatically creates the playlist of the desired features, theme, or tastes. It is one of the best ways to obtain the free music in the desired background.


Vimeo is overloaded with stupendous features which you are not able to get in any other video submission sites. With the help of a few clicks, you may hide or customize the activities on your profile page.  They offer better HD embedded features, functionalities with the existing style interfaces.  One of the predominant reasons behind embedded videos is that—there is no need for any HD resolutions. SD Videos load for a quicker buffer. Vimeo helps in developing the external web pages.

Daily Motion:

Daily motion is the best on which you can freely post the copyrighted contents such as news. It is not highly recommended Video posting website in the market. Meanwhile, users can get so many views as you can post the most searched contextualized content for users for example cartoons. The daily motion is well-interfaced with the high-quality features. Finally, users can get a large number of views within the shortest possible time. Here, at such website, you don’t need to verify your phone number to customize streams, thumbnails. The best part about streamline service is of high-quality.


It is one of the free video sharing sites in hosting mini-movies, video games, TV, music, & sports. Here, you can share, upload so many new videos on the daily basis. MetaCafe renders the desktop application for videos freaks that download the videos on the weekly time. Such kind of desktop application may download the qualitative media to personal computers. It has client based videos internet videos, viral ads, & humor. MetaCafe includes flash games, sound clips. is one of the most used websites wherein one can download or upload the things with the faster rate. It is the most user-friendly interface with paid or free account holders. The users can upload so many pictures as per well-organized date, time settings. Here, users will get everything which needs to use. Thus, bloggers don’t need to do anything on your own. Such website has the people-friendly, unique commenting feature which makes users hanker for.

It has become one of the best flashes supported platforms with new stylish interfaces, designs. It includes video player, quick navigation, new product based channel, & video browsing facilities. It lets users viewing favored theme-based episodes or playlists. In such a way, users can access a huge library of video contents in a well-organized manner.

It offers a wide range of broadcasting, recording, measuring, managing, or publishing facilities with astounded features & new style interfaces. It is considered as the most integrated platform which enables users to use the streamline or high-demand videos in the best possible manner. Users can also embed the site host on the channel page. If you are looking for audience engaging video submission website then it is also one of them. With the help of publishable options, users can control the content making & reach to the target audience out in the shortest possible time. Control embedding, password protection make users have full control over your contents.

AOL widely renders an extensive range of cross-platform globalized services. With the help of reputed brand, video caliber abilities make it much more people-friendly platform. Users can avail the exclusive video syndication in every nook and corner across the AOL web. It is always committed to enhancing the user experiences across & around the fourteen channels. It engages multi-screen audiences. The content has refreshed with recent AOL originals & leading partners.

Blinx is considered as the best search engine which enables you to video & audio clips across the channels. It makes use of not only keywords, phrases but also actual clips’ contents. As we know that typing a key phrase or keyword & then pressing “Enter” is the usual thing. It reasons on why the is quite unique as compared to any other websites in the online market. The best part about this website is the left-hand slider which let you twist your search like “date”  or time-sensitive information which try to make your search more particular.

It was incorporated in the year of 1998 with an objective of designing the entertainment, humor website. With flash games, videos, or pictures, it offers an extensive range of new interface services or features ranging from branded entertainment to the celebrity-based web shots.